Beef Tenderloin with Peppercorn Mushroom Merlot SauceTom & Kari

The sauce can be made ahead and refrigerated. Reheat before serving.

1 2 to 4 pound beef tenderloin
2 tablespoons butter
2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms (Shitake, Crimini or Portobello)
2 1-ounce packages Knorr Peppercorn Sauce Mix
1/3 cup Merlot wine

In small skillet, melt butter; saute mushrooms until tender (3-5 minutes).
Prepare sauce mix according to package directions.
Stir in mushrooms and wine.
Place whole tenderloin on rack in shallow roasting or broiler pan. Brush entire surface with oil. Rub meat with salt and pepper. Tuck under "tail-end" so roast is a uniform thickness. Place in a preheated 425-degree oven.

Cooking time for entire roast:
35-40 minutes for rare (135 degrees*) 40-50 minutes for medium (150 degrees*)
*meat thermometer reading when roast is removed from oven.

Place meat on cutting board or heated platter. Cover with foil and allow to stand about 10 minutes.
To serve, carve tenderloin into slices; pass Peppercorn Mushroom Merlot Sauce.

3-4 servings per pound, approximately.

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