Warren's Meat Loaf Anita & Warren

(aka: "The Meat Loaf", "Loaf Du Meat", "Pittsburgh's Best Meat Loaf", "The Lifesaver", "Much Better than Walt's or Meatloaf a la Mary")

Awards: "Best in Class", "Best Food with a Baked Potato", "Best Leftovers (non-Thanksgiving division)", "Best Aroma (non-dessert competition)"

"The ease of preparation, great taste and quality of leftovers make this the best meal in the history of food "

"Better than an all-you-can-eat-fish-fry!"
-Homer Simpson

"Makes Arkansas feed seem like suet. "
-Bill Clinton

"Huh? "
-George Bush (a former president)

"Always makes me produce a big-sucking sound"
-Ross Perot (who can't believe he got 19% of the people to vote for him: no wonder
he's rich)

"Meat loaf again? Anything but meat loaf!"
-some D. C. lawyer.

Mix in a large bowl:
2 eggs (may use 1 egg but loaf tends to fall apart)
1 cup milk
1 cup Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix - the key ingredient!
2 pounds ground meat (we use leanest hamburger, but meatloaf mix- pork, veal, beef- is good too, for those households that think veal isn't too barbaric!)
1 teaspoon salt, optional (I salt to taste later)

Add more milk if too dry. Mix it up well. No onions or other needless stuff. Very simple. Put in meatloaf pan or shape into a loaf in a pot. Bake 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. Make sure it's done in the middle or otherwise someone has a fit. Some strange types also enjoy it with ketchup.

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