Turkey Roasting tips Den

This is an article from Cuisine at Home magazine from a couple of years back. I’ve used these ideas a few times with good success.

Before tying the knuckles of the legs together, cut away about 1 inch of the skin up the leg from the knuckle. Using a sharp knife, cut through all the exposed tendons as close to the knuckle as you can, leaving at least ˝ inch of tendon exposed. Later, after the roasting is done, you use a pair of needle- nose pliers & pull the tendons directly out of the leg. This makes slicing the leg meat much easier.

And here’s a way to get the dark meat & light meat to finish cooking at the same time!

Line your roasting pan rack with foil. After the turkey is ready for roasting, stuffed, tied, etc., and the oven temp. is set, place the turkey breast-side down on the foil-lined rack. The foil keeps the rack from marking the breasts.

Position the pan so the turkey’s legs point toward the back of the oven where it’s hottest. Keep the oven rack as high in the oven as possible to take advantage of the heat.

After two hours, remove the roasting pan & reposition the oven rack to the middle of the oven. Using paper towels, lift turkey by the ends, remove foil, & reposition the turkey back on the rack, breast-side up. Tuck the wings under the back to keep the tips from burning.

Return the pan to the oven & continue roasting until the breast meat registers 160 – 165 degrees.

Remove roasting pan & use the needle nose pliers to remove the now-hard tendons. Tent with foil & let sit for 30 minutes before carving.

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