Carving the Turkey Den

This is an article from Cuisine at Home magazine from a couple of years back.

The first step is to use a pair of needle-nose pliers & pull the tendons directly out
of the leg. This makes slicing leg meat much easier, or you may serve the legs whole.

Next, cut around the thigh and, using your hands, pull it down until the joint pops
out, detaching the thigh from the hip. Cut through this joint.

I usually remove the bone from the thighs and slice them as well. This way
the platter of turkey is completely boneless, except for the legs, if served
whole, and the wings.

Then, to remove the whole breast, cut down the breastbone along the top of the bird.
Using short strokes, cut along the rib bones to remove the met, repeat on the other side.
Now the breast is super-easy to slice.

Below are suggestions for serving.

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